You don't have to do it alone
When we are faced with relationship struggles, marital stress, childen/teenager behavior problem, or pain from past trauma-Life seems overwhelming. Allow me to walk with you !
  1. Pre- Martial Theraphy
    8 Weeks before "I Do" is a 90 minutes, once a week program for couples who are getting ready for their big day. Pre-martial counseling is that time that a couple invests in having conversations in a safe, judgment free environment, where they get to make decisions about finances, extended family, children... and much more.
  2. Individual and family
    Individual and family psychotherapy. I work with individuals who feel stuck, and need someone to walk with them as they find healing and the courage to make their life's fulfilling and enjoyable. I work with families of all kinds, singles moms, single dads, step-families, foster-families, adoptive-families as they work together to find joy.
  3. Hablo Español
    Servicio de terapia psicológica. Tengo el gusto de servir a familias hispano hablantes, entiendo las diversas complejidades culturales y los dilemas de vivir en un pais distinto al nuestro. Terapia de pareja, individual y de familia.
  4. Pre/ Post Adoption Couseling
    Adoptive/ considering families face special challenges, I'm here to help. I offer these families my past experience in adoption services, as they manage to make big life altering decisions, and as they are trying to cope with the many challenges that follow bringing a new family member home.
  5. Couples
    I work with couples who are facing diverse difficulties: communication problems, infidelity, considering divorce, couples who have tried everything they know to do and feel dry and ready to call it quit. I’m here to help bring a fresh perspective, along with uniquely designed plan of action to get your relationship moving in a positive and rewarding direction.